Friday, August 17, 2007

Strange Music

This post began evolving when my son Jordan brought home a Melodica. The prusuit of Melodica music led to the discovery of Augustus Pablo, a dub & Reggae artist who was perhaps the first person to use the Melodica as a serious instrument. They were apparently used, much like recorders, to teach music in Jamaican schools.

It continued to develop as we headed east to Missoula and visited a friend with an entire Javanese Gamelan in her daughter's bedroom (the daughter had been strategically relocated to Australia).

Then the party with the theramin (dealt with earlier).

And for some reason coming to rest with memories of seeing Artis perform in Seattle in the 70's around Pioneer Square. Thoughts of this remarkable performer brought memories of some wonderful youthful days in the town by the sound.

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Night Monkey said...

My face hurt after watching Artis! I wonder if her ever knocked a tooth out! He gets INTO it, doesn't he? :D