Friday, November 21, 2008


New Poems at Drumlummon

& here (equal, but different - to quote Martha & the Muffins)

For Issa Series #1

Yellow Big-Leaf Maple
leaves, flat hands
wave neither Hello or
Goodbye as I pass

For Issa Series, #2

The lake quicksilver
black in the shadow of mountains
The surface trembles
as if some great creature will explode
from the depths
but clouds drift like silver fish
too high above us to care

for those interested in learning more about Kobayahi Issa check out the amazingly courageous book The Year of My Life.


Anonymously Curious said...

Where's the juicy personal information?

piper said...

Still accruing juice.

Rick said...

Just wanted you to know that a copy of that modest little volume, The Year of My life, sits on a Chinese stool next to my bed, taunting me each night to be half as forthcoming. Your Issa poems are lovely.

Yer pal, Rick