Monday, February 2, 2009

Brave New World

Having just finished Huxley's disturbing dystopic masterpiece Brave New World, and then getting a moderate dose of Superbowl commercials, it seems we are devolving toward a similar future. Commercial (late capitalistic) America utilizes continual messaging (subliminal and not) that defines what a man and a woman in this culture should be. The picture is not pretty. Approved = young, perfectly formed/great looking (although remarkably similar in appearance), superficial, happy, consumptive, addicted to tactile pleasures; Disapproved = introspective/thoughtful, passionate, compassionate, diseased, frugal (or poor), different. While we are still a long way from the Contolled production of genotypes and slaves, there is a path blazed.


Sheila said...

Those in the disapproved category should invite those in the approved category over for a barbeque, then eat them.

piper said...

Your place?