Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Good News Week, Really

For those of you who can remember the release of the song "It's Good News Week" by Hedgehoppers Anonymous in 1965, you know there was just a hint of satire, a pinch of irony. But times have changed. Sick of watching your retirement plummet, Rush Limbaugh blather and spew, suicide bombings and global warming? There are several cures. Good News Daily and GoodNews Network are news sites that feature only accounts detailing the more benevolent, altruistic, and spiritually enlightened aspects of homo sapiens, and from the polluted mainstream media streams it seems there are damn few of these around. Well there are more than you might think.
The news on these sites will give many people optimism, and proof that there is more occuring in the "human thaing" than catastrophe. Check them out.

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