Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two Interesting New Search Engines

You may have heard of these two newcomers to Search, but they are worth noting and playing around with.

The first is Wolfram Alpha, and here is a nifty Youtube tutorial  Wolfram is an excellent research tool for gathering any kind of data, particularly comparative data.  For example, if you want to compare the demographics of two cities, type the city names into Wolfram along with the word demographics.  If you want to limit this to a certain date, or time frame, enter that as well.  Comparisons, such as nutritional values of foods, is a breeze with this tool.

The Second is less of a search engine per se and more of a Web navigation tool.  It's called HyperWord and a instructional video is here.  By highlighting a word in a web document, you are offered a number of choices, such as search, reference, convert, shop, share, copy, and translate.  Definitely worth the free download.

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