Friday, April 30, 2010

Spill Baby, Spill

On the average of twice a day I wish for the powers of a Greek God.  This morning my wish is to take all those morons who were chanting "Drill Baby, Drill" at the Republican convention and displace them to the shores of Alabama where the first fingers of the largest oil spill in history are beginning to degrade wetlands, fisheries and beaches, and magically have them continue their chant, while jumping up and down and generally acting like idiots.  I would welcome what the locals would do to them.

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Anonymous said...

Why not wish for all those who FUBARed the response to be out there with them?

Why point at one side of the aisle when it (usually) takes both sides to get anything done?

Why not look for the reasons that they were driven to drill in mile deep waters when a more practical and fixable depth would have easily been possible?

Look around you at all of the cars in the SeaTac area and ask yourself where they got the fuel to run them? How much of the oil we use came from offshore drilling operations in recent years?

Why not lead the charge to quit driving altogether and see how many on the left follow suit?

Cars kill 3x more people in the USA each year than guns. Car control. Not a very popular topic during a midterm election year, huh?

The problem isn't drilling, it is consumption and it ain't goin' away any time soon. Figure out how to improve safety of all oil producing operations and fix the real problems, not the blame.