Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Best Things in Life Are Free

I used to think of this in more idealistic terms, now I just think the best things in life are stolen, however as a librarian, I usually give credit. This language interpreting device is stolen from Rob Lopresti ( who failed to notice it under my green loden overcoat. It is called Wordle, and to show what it can do, I'm volunteering the very words of this bitty blog post as sacrificial lambs. If I were a real artist I could undoubtedly sell this for enough to retire, and if I were a real writer, I'd obviously be writing something more profound. This work is entitled "Rob Lopresti's Cat."


Fifteen Iguana said...

At least you didn't steal my cat. By the way, the name of the source is Wordle, not Woordle. Your Google obsession is showing.

A better link to my blog entry that you refered to is

Thanks for the plug. I thank you and my cat thanks you.


piper said...

The additional O was a necessary deceit.


The url has been corrected.

I attend to the needs of all my readers.