Friday, July 25, 2008

Sonny Sharrock

Sonny Sharrock came to mind yesterday while discussing Ben Monder. I first saw Sharrock at Ravinia Park north of Chicago in the late 60's, early 70's. He was playing with Herbie Mann, and adding a chaotic, thunderous dimension to Mann's flute. I remember several things distinctly -- I have never seen a guitar appear so dwarfed in anyone's hands (later in life when I saw Izzy Kamakawiwo'ole play ukulele this feat was topped), and it was the first time I'd heard anyone produce pure noise on an instrument. Looking around youtube, I found a couple of clips that characterize a couple of this fabulous guitarist's moods. Enjoy.

Thanks to Pedro Mendes for collecting and sharing these.

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borneman said...

Sharrock was the Coltrane of the guitar. I read in an interview once where he said, ". . . one needs one's daily Coltrane . . ." His phrasing is not guitaristic, which is great! It's saxophonic, and no one else has ever sounded like this on an electric guitar. Even Santana, who tried to channel Pharoah Sanders, still is based on blues and latin riffs.