Thursday, September 4, 2008

Guns and God

It's hard to ignore the fact anymore that God likes guns. It doesn't really matter which God either. Allah seems just as taken as the big white guy in the sky. But since most of the God people in rural America (those in the soul of Sarah Palin, or Thomas Frank) call themselves Christians, I started thinking about what kind of guns Christ would use. I don't take him for a big caliber guy (thin wrists) which rules out a .357 or 44 magnum. And certainly not a Sharps .50 caliber buffalo rifle...too much like a cross. But he's not a whimpy .22 guy either. No, I peg Christ as a 9 mm Walther man. A stylish gun that packs the punch needed, but isn't over the top. A gun with grace, so to speak. I can see him in his robes, popping bad guys, a couple of clips tucked in his belt. I'm sure the action figure is not far behind.

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Valerie said...

I agree, the 9mm is a great choice for Jesus.