Monday, September 8, 2008

Palin and Libraries

From the 9/7 Detroit Free Press:

"Early in her tenure she asked the library director about censoring books in the library's collection. The town's Frontiersman newspaper said Palin didn't ask about specific books. "I told her clearly, I will fight anyone who tries to dictate what books can go on the library shelves," library director Mary Ellen Emmons told the paper in 1996.

Palin later described her inquiry as rhetorical and a way to get to know the city employees.

Emmons soon was among a group of employees Palin sought to fire but was allowed to keep her job. A letter circulated to newspapers, including the Free Press, by Wasilla resident Anne Kilkenny said Emmons kept her job because residents rallied to her support."

What an interesting way to get to know your employees.

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