Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Off the Shelf

I pulled a small yellow book off the shelf this morning, brought it to work, thumbed around in in.  A small book of poems by the poet John Brandi, known for his connections to the beats and his itinerant ways.  It's a lovely little book dedicated to "mortals & angels & the ghost of Ryokan" called That Crow that Visited Was Flying Backwards.  The poems and ink drawings that inhabit this book are simple and often elegant observations, insights, aphorisms into love, writing and living. 
My neighbor's house
moves a little closer
this cold
autumn night

or this one

My son's journal
my own journal

2 books, 2 pens
2 partners

by the wood

or this one (reminding me of Issa and Patchen)

The polywog
is the biggest animal
in the world
this first day
of spring

One might ask the use of being a poet of little use at all.  That's the beauty.

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