Thursday, October 30, 2008

Plucking Plums

I feel like Li Po traveling through a world where poetry, humor and inspiration are for the plucking. Two tidbits:

More Bad Music

"“Joe” — aka Samuel Wurzelbacher, a Holland, Ohio, pipe-and-toilet man — just signed with a Nashville public relations and management firm to handle interview requests and media appearances, as well as create new career opportunities, including a shift out of the plumbing trade into stage and studio performances.
On Tuesday, Wurzelbacher joined country music artist and producer Aaron Tippin to form a new partnership that includes booking-management firm Bobby Roberts and publicity-management concern The Press Office to field the multiple media offers he’s received over the past few weeks (courtesy of

and from the morning's e-mail

The Best and Smooth Way

Hello To You, here is Cheng &
Cheng Advocates in Hong
Kong. Our office sympathise with you
on the death of one of our
clients who
mentioned you
in his will
as his next of kin.

We have carefuly delibrated on the instruction
after enquiries have decided to consult

you via email
for security reasons.

We have also notified our offshore
agency and release office in France
about this information
and you will be required
to consult with the agent
in charge in France
Dr. Edward
by email :
or by phone: +44 703 594 2908,

he will guide you accordingly
on the best and smooth way

of receiving the inheritance, he
will also let you know what
inheritance you inherited.
You are required
to follow his instruction.

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