Monday, July 9, 2007

More Poem

Here's another from the DC trip. This was on the juxtaposition of two paintings in an installation by John Baldessari at the Hirshhorn.

Two Men

after Fifi by Ed Paschke, Study for the Crucifixion by Thomas Eakins, adjacent

Is there more of a contrast? These

two men, the Christ head tipped into shadow, flesh

pasty, arms raised to the cedar planks awaiting

nails, and Fifi, leering, sensual, chin tipped head

thrust into the world, garish by nature, coiled

hair of pomegranate wire. One becomes a ghost,

a wafer when placed on the tongue dissolves, the other

sneers eat me at your own risk; I am virulent beautiful

disease. They both stare out at me. I will not wither,

I will hang on a wall, they say. I will not fall, I will rise


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Night Monkey said...

OHHHHH I like this poem! Bravo!