Thursday, July 26, 2007

PostModern Generator

Thanks to an anonymous commentor.
Now you too can sound like you know what you're not talking about with the PostModern Generator. The PomoGen can generate text that is as meaningless as it gets, yet has that "haze,"
that sheen of Heavy Theory. Deflect your own meaning. Why let the experts have all the fun? Will help you get into any lit and/or theory program, possibly even mean great scholarships. Go to or click here.


Night Monkey said...


Night Monkey said...

I particularly like the "Band Name Generator". That could be handy!
House of Puppies
Three Moons and a Leaf


Anonymous said...

I quite honestly think that you could go to any issue of Social Text or some other cult stud/pomo academic journal and not be able to tell the difference (or différance, if you like) between what's in the pages of those supposedly peer reviewed publications and what comes out of the PoMo Generator.

Mishon Aileen said...

Wow, if I had known about this spring quarter I could have officially learned less about theory, but sounded a whole lot better doing it.