Thursday, March 6, 2008


Speaking of eating, Napa chef Michael Chiarello's Casual Cooking is a treasure. Tres simple and exceedingly tasty recipes. Reintroduced me to Fennel! Now I must plant fennel, and also, by Julene's prodding, Argula. An asparagus recipe (in the above book) forced me into the yard looking for dried lavender flowers. And lo and behold I found some. Pays not to clip back everything.

Sam Barsh is one of the most precise, melodic and stylish keyboardists in the game today. After 3 years with the Avashai Cohen Trio he's breaking into his own with a record on RazDaz. Check him out.

My friend Gary McKinney is looking for short fiction for his sequel to Tribute to Orpheus. If interested contact him at His press is Kearney Street Books.

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