Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WikiBaker &

There is a great article on Wikipedia in the March 20th New York Review of Books. It capitalizes on the community energy that went into creating one of the most highly used websites in the world. In Baker's words "It was constructed in less than eight years by strangers who disagreed about all kinds of things by who were drawn to a shared, not-for-profit purpose." This movement toward the Internet Commons carries on the energy to share information (vs. the proprietary demands on information) that fueled Usenet, Linux, and open source movements. I am proud to say I am a librarian and I love Wikipedia.

Another cool tool that I was just introduced to is The Encyclopedia of Life
This is another web product that is seeking community involvement. In their words -
"EOL is an unprecedented global effort and we want you to be a part of it. Natural history museums, botanical gardens, other research institutions, and dedicated individuals are working to create the most complete biodiversity database on the Web.
Check it out.

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