Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fits and Starts, Bits and Bats

Fits & Starts - great Jacques Dupin book that Peter Stark turned me onto in the 70's - one of my first non-Rimbaudian, non-Baudelarian forays into French poetry and poetics. Interestingly, turning back to it the other night after many years, I find that it was translated by Paul Auster.

Today the democrats will settle the dust. Or will they?

And what about this Leap Year. 29 days in February. As if THAt month needed to be longer. Can't they add it to August?

Recently read -

RL's Dream by Walter Moseley: a solid book by the master, featuring Soupspoon, an 84 year old blues guitarist who once played with Robert Johnson, and wants to lay down his memories. Paired with a southern white girl married to Jack Daniels, the couple is one of the odder and more endearing pairings I've seen, but Mosely makes it work, as he does most things.

Finally started the Kite Runner, and have to admit I'm enjoying it.

All for now.....

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