Friday, June 8, 2007

Authors, Authors

Two (relatively) recent finds for author interviews (video and print) are Authors@Google and Powell's Author Interviews. Sherman Alexie, the current interviewy (interviewee?) (weepY?) tells of hitting Virginia Tech the night of the shootings to hype his novel Flight. If you know of, or have read this novel, which features a young "terrorist" you understand the situation. Alexie said he didn't mention the book. Not once. Also of morbid coincidence is the fact that Kurt Vonnegut, who Alexie quoted in epigraph, died a week before that. And then oddly I just talked with Bruce Beasley about his new project, paradoxology, (according to the Greeks) and two-headed cows. I saw one once, in Montana. It had to be put down.
And at least one old stand-by, The Paris Review Interviews, these are the benchmarks, the nuts and bolts of author interviews, typically author-to-author. The entire interviews available via .pdf for download.

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