Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Remember, all that wander are not lost. Although I followed a car with that bumper sticker once and began to wonder.
Finished the Didion, and have to say that The Year of Magical Thinking is a potent book, and geological in structure, created out of repeated elements/sediments, phrases/conglomerates, volcanic ruptures, techtonic shifts, the composite and fragile of a life, a family, a marriage. I hadn't read Didion before, although owned Slouching Towards Bethlehem for a number of years. People sometimes live with you who are silent. Speaking of silence, no woman has ever said "Liverwurst" to me the way Ingrid Bergman did in Spellbound last night. (Has anyone written more screenplays than Ben Hecht?) And the line by Peck that she looked either like a librarian or a school teacher was great culture. Shock.
And speaking of women, a form of women as Creeley has sd, Sandy Hurvitz. What does Sandy Hurvitz mean to anyone? I thought of her the other day in a conversation with someone about Jim Pepper. Sandy, who changed her name to Essra Mohawk in the early 70's, was a Zappa discovery. Her first album, Sandy's Album is Here at Last, is hit and miss, though she had a somewhat thin, dreamy voice, peripatetic (all who wander are not lost), and the backup band Zappa assembled, jeremy steig (flute), jim pepper (tenor sax), donald macdonald (drums) and eddie gomez (bass) was quite terrific. Sandy/Essra is a Philly girl, was once Uncle Meat, and wrote a song, Change of Heart, which was a hit for Cindy Lauper (another Philly girl), whose Time after Time was a hit for Miles Davis. It all comes back to jass.


Miguel said...

Cool, good to see that you're blogging - I'll be a regular reader!

Sandy Hurvitz, hmmm? I'll have to check her out.

Hey, here's one for your Blockbuster queue (also available at the B'ham Public Library) - La Moustache, a French film about a guy who decides to shave his moustache off and then discovers that his world is falling apart. Highly recommended.

JpipeMcgee said...

Hey Daddy,
I like your use of one of the original spellings of jazz. Jass!!