Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Careful with that Ax Eugene

Was thinking this morning of those early morning bikes to work, Wodruff Nursery, in Eugene, OR along the Wilamette River, mist rising, herons rising, fish dimpling the surface, late 70's. Difficult, outdoor work, the scent of bark mulch. Who was I reading? Spicer, Duncan and Helen Adam come to mind, the early goths. Often I am permitted to enter a meadow. One of the truly great lines of poetry. And music, wooden music, CSNY. Several outdoor Dead concerts, in Hillman's terms, the entry in a mythical celebration, and Patti Smith and her clarinet, and the Talking Heads, the perfect blend of order (Tina, Chris and Jerry) like a perfectly wound swiss clock, and DB like swiss cheese through it all. Cheers, all.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, cheese.

l33t_m0nk3y said...
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Fifteen Iguana said...

The title of your blog and this entry made me think of the radio station I saw last year on the back of a WTA bus. It read:


I almost fell off my bike laughing. Would anyone not from our generation get that reference?